Who says that Halloween has to be a celebration for kids only? This year, surprise your guests by hosting a wine tasting party and try pairing together classic Halloween treats. You’ll be surprised just how well they go together and you’ll be sure to have a thriller evening.

Like Butter: Candy Corn and Chardonnay

Candy corn is creamy and sweet, with a taste of butter – perfect to pair with a barrel-aged Chardonnay that has malolactic fermentation, which gives off a buttery flavor in the wine and will pair very well with candy corn.

halloween-1Joseph Carr Chardonnay

Tasting Profile: Sourced from cool and foggy Sonoma County in California, this crisp and refreshing Chardonnay has a creamy texture and bright acidity.

Price: $19.99


Blend of Colors? Blend the Flavors!

M&Ms are a cornucopia of colors and flavors in every bite, so pick a blended red wine – so grab a handful of candy and pair together with a wine that offers multiple grapes for a full-body, rounded taste.


halloween-2Hob Nob Red Blend

Tasting Profile:     Mixing together Grenache, Cabernet, Syrah & Pinot Noir, HobNob is ripe and juicy. The flavors will melt together in your mouth with a rounded, full body feel.

Price: $11.99


Give me a Glass of that Pinot Noir


Kit Kat bars are one of the most popular candies – perfect for breaking off a piece and sharing with someone. Look for a lighter red to go with the lighter chocolate, and you’ll quickly find that you’ll be sharing more than just the candy.

halloween-3The Calling Pinot Noir

Tasting Profile: Medium bodied with mocha and black cherries with notes of caramel make this a great combination with Kit Kats or Twix bars, perfect candy for sharing with someone.

Price: $37.00


Dark Fruits? Try Dark Chocolate


A good shiraz is plentiful with black fruits that has a robust feel with soft, velvet tannins and would go well with any dark chocolate. Try it with Hershey’s Special Dark, but also elevate your chocolate game with bittersweet or 80% dark chocolate bars.


halloween-4Peter Lehmann Shiraz

Tasting Profile: A deep color and a bouquet of fruits from Barossa Valley, this full body wine is richly flavored with layers of chocolate and vanilla.

Price: $18.99


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