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Thanksgiving is here – it’s a day of celebrating friends, family and food. Once the turkey has been carved and everyone’s had their fill, it’s time for dessert. Most people reach for the coffee, but here are a few tips that will have you reaching for the wine glass instead, once the pies come out.

Pumpkin Pie and Prosecco

Rich, creamy and delicious – this classic Thanksgiving pie goes extremely well with a dry Prosecco. Light and refreshing, the bubbly offering from Enza Prosecco which has a fruit-forward, pear flavoring to balance the richness of the dessert.

Enza Prosecco

Tasting Profile: Sourced from the Prosecco DOC region of Northern Italy, Enza’s bouquet bursts with fruity scents of pear and green apple with a lightly floral, citrus note. In the mouth, this wine exhibits the same characteristics as in the nose but is highlighted with a touch of peach and honeysuckle.

Price:       $15

Apple Pie and Gewurztraminerhusch-logo

With its cinnamon flavored apple filing to a flaky, buttery pie crust, try a late-harvest wine such as Husch Gewurztraminer. A late harvest wine means the grapes are on the vines for longer than normal, which increases the sugar content and lowers the acidity in the wine.

Price:       $15

Chocolate Cream Pie & Zinfandel

Chocolate cream pie is a sure fire crowd-pleaser, so try it with a wine that everyone will love such as a Zinfandel. The blackberries found in the wine pairs very well with chocolate.

Kunde Family Winery Zinfandel

Tasting Profile: Sourced from Sonoma, Kunde wines are meant to pair with meals, not overpower them. The Zinfandel is zesty and approachable with raspberries and grilled herb aromas, and flavors of cherry and licorice.

Price:       $22

Pecan Pie & Tawny Port

Try something different such as Warre’s Otima 10-year old Tawny Port. It’s unexpectedly sweet with hints of stone fruit and tree nuts, which go perfectly with a pecan pie. 10296le
Price: $27

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